Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend

Fangville High #1

Dylan James

Victor Frankenstein is having the suckiest junior year at Fangville High.

He’d always been content with his place in school—he has his best friend Igor, the occasional date with a cute werewolf, and his grades are decent. It’s never really bothered him that he’s on the lowest level of the school’s social hierarchy.

But all of that changes when an incubus wants to make out with him. Not just any incubus, but the hunkiest and most popular incubus at school. Just as Victor thinks his life is going to get way better, it all comes crashing down when he learns this is all a joke and the punchline is Victor being humiliated in front of the entire school.

Now he’s on a mission—to exact revenge on the incubus, to score an even hotter boyfriend, to climb to the top of the social ladder, and to claim his destiny as the most awesome mad scientist ever.

How will he accomplish all this? By building the boyfriend of his dreams from spare parts he and Igor dig up at the cemetery.

That’ll work.


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I pushed some boxes aside and coughed at the cloud of dust that movement created. There were more boxes behind these, and still more behind those.

“Igor,” I said. I spoke before I had even decided I wanted to bring this up. “I’m not…undateable…am I?”

“What do you mean?” Igor asked. He pushed past me to read more box labels.

“Serge wanted to make out with me, but it was a joke. And you know I’ve had a few dates over the years with cute guys and some of them led to second and third dates, but it’s never gone past that. I’m almost eighteen and I’ve never had a real boyfriend. Harry certainly wasn’t a boyfriend.” Igor was the only person in this world I could ever say such a thing to. I bared my soul to him regularly and he always seemed to make things better. I would never even consider bringing this up with anybody else—not that I really had anybody else, other than my parents who I would never talk dating matters with.

Igor went silent for a little bit, like he was wanting to say something but deciding not to. “No,” he finally said, “you’re not undateable.” After another very long pause, he said, “You’re not the only one who’s never had a boyfriend.” Just as I was about to say something—and I didn’t know what to say, only that I should say something—he tugged the sleeve of my shirt and said, “Here. Found it.”

I looked to where the light from his phone was pointed and saw Victor Frankenstein written in a very old style of handwriting and in very faded ink. I crawled past Igor and approached the box. Weirdly, I was almost scared to touch it, like doing so would reveal something that proved I would never measure up to him, that I would always be the outcast loser of Fangville High.

“Well,” Igor said, “open it.”

I looked at Igor and he looked at me. “Are you sure?” I asked. I had no idea why I asked that. This was my idea after all.

“No,” Igor said. “But do it anyway.”

I grabbed the box and dragged it closer to us. It wasn’t that heavy, but the noise of dragging it across the dusty floor seemed abnormally loud in the confined space of the attic. Before opening it, I looked to Igor again and his look back gave me the strength I needed to open the box.

The first thing I pulled out was a white lab coat. The edges had been a bit yellowed with time, but it mostly looked pristine. I unfolded it and saw “Frankenstein” had been embroidered on the left breast.

“You should put it on,” Igor said.

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Publish Date: June 2020
eBook ISBN: 9780463791332
eBook ASIN: B0893KFN55
Paperback ISBN: 9798654474001